After The Dinner Date

They stepped out of the crowded restaurant into the cool night air. He slipped his hand into hers as they walked toward the small black car. Jessica was tipsy after two glasses of wine with dinner. He opened the car door and watched intently as she slid in. Her little black dress rode up exposing more of her toned legs.

Andrew grinned to himself as he hurried to the drivers seat, starting the engine. Jessica took his free hand smiling seductively as he manoeuvred traffic. "Find a nice dark street and I will suck your dick right here in the car." She placed her hand on his crotch squeezing his hard cock playfully. "You want to put your dick in my mouth right?" She laughed softly while lifting her dress to play with her pussy.

"You're not wearing panties", he attempted to slide his fingers into her wet pussy. Jessica slapped his hand away. "Focus on the road," she said putting on a stern voice. There was hardly any traffic, she just wanted to tease him. Licking her fingers slowly she slid them back between her legs.

The light up ahead was Amber, Andrew slowed down and came to a stop. He reached over and began to grope her soft breasts. Sighing, Jessica slid closer and unzipped his pants. Her hands found their way past his briefs and she began to rub his cock.

After driving around for ten minutes they found an industrial looking building with an empty parking lot. Making sure no one was around he parked. Jessica clumsily unbuckled her seatbelt the alcohol taking more effect. She kissed the tip of penis and slowly swirled her tongue around the tip. His cock stiffened and seemed to get even harder. Taking that as a cue Jessica began to suck hard and fast as he reclined his seat moaning. Grabbing the back of her head he thrusted his cock into the back of her throat repeatedly.

Lifting her head he slapped his saliva covered cock against her face. "That's for being such a dirty little slut at dinner." During dinner Jessica had taken her stilettos off and slid her stockinged feet up his legs massaging his crotch until he was hard. She had massaged his dick throughout dinner only removing her feet when the waitress stopped by.

Andrew shoved her head back down on to his dick, and vigorously thrusted his dick into her mouth. She wrapped her soft lips tightly around his cock sucking hard until he exploded into her mouth.

He lay back on the seat trying to catch his breath. She looked over at him wiping her mouth. "Bet you haven't done that in a long time." He laughed shaking his head.

They relaxed in the car for a bit before he announced he had to get home before he was missed. Jessica buckled her seatbelt again and gave him one last kiss saying, "I'm still horny though." Andrew removed one hand from the steering wheel rubbing her clit. The small car cruised through the night as he gently played with her pussy. Jessica moaned softly feeling herself grow wet again. Between gasps of pleasure she directed him to her house. They stopped at a red light and he rubbed her clit in fast circles. Jessica was so close to orgasming , she didn't care if the people in the car beside them saw what was going on. He slid his finger into her pussy and she came all over his hand.

​                                                                                                               Jessica Steele