Asian Delight

Her small dark nipples were hard as I traced my fingers over breasts. Iris shivered and inhaled deeply as I placed my soft lips on a nipple. Her hands tugged at my hair as she shoved my head lower. Spreading her legs apart I kissed her vagina, running my tongue in slow circles on her clit. I tasted her sweetness as she grew more excited, rubbing her pussy vigorously against my face. Her hands clenched at the bed sheets as her moans grew louder.

Using my fingers I parted her lower lips and penetrated her tight pussy with a small purple dildo. I began thrusting it back and forth as I continued to lick her clit. Her juices were all over face as I pushed the dildo harder and faster. Iris gasped and moaned with pleasure as she climaxed.

I licked the taste of her off my lips smiling as she lay on the pillows naked and breathing hard. Her petite yet curvy body was covered in goose bumps. We waited for Tom, our client to finish showering and join us in the bedroom.

The door of the bedroom opened slowly as Tom entered wrapped in a white towel. He must have heard Iris orgasm as he was still dripping wet from the shower. He looked at us accusingly, “You started without me!” Iris and I smiled at him coyly and burst into giggles. He playfully glowered at us stepping closer to the bed.

I grabbed the towel ripping it from his waist. I pushed his cock into my mouth sucking hard, as he shoved his cock deep to the back of my throat. I began to gag and spit on his huge cock, while Iris playfully licked his balls. Tom’s eyes closed in ecstasy as he let a loud moan escape his lips. He grabbed the back of my head as he ploughed his hard cock into my open mouth. He faced fucked me for a few minutes stopping only to slap his wet dick on my cheeks. He smudged my makeup as he rubbed his cock all over my face, while he called me his dirty little slut. Iris and I licked from his freshly shaved balls to the tip of his pink penis simultaneously. We kissed each other hard as she groped my breasts. Tom jerked off from the side of the bed watching us keenly as Iris pulled my black lingerie dress over my head. She pressed her face into my large breasts while I grabbed her perfect little ass spanking her playfully. We rolled around naked on the bed our bodies pressed to each other, before Tom pounced on us.

Grabbing Iris, Tom trailed kisses down the centre of her body. He began to lick and suck her sweet pussy, while she wrapped her legs around his neck enthusiastically. I got my fingers wet before rubbing them against my clit. I grew wet as I watched them enjoying each other. I crawled over to where they lay on the bed and began to lick and suck Iris’s small, perky breasts.

I reached for a condom as Tom ordered me to get on all fours. He began to fuck me hard from behind as he enjoyed the view of his cock thrusting in and out of my tight pussy. He slapped my ass hard and pounded away making me wetter with each thrust until I had an orgasm. He then pulled the condom off and stuck his dick in my mouth again. He choked me as he shoved his cock repeatedly into my mouth until I was gagging. I could feel his cum travel along the length of his dick before he exploded into my mouth. All three of us lay naked on the bed resting before round two would start.


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