I grabbed my gym bag from the backseat and locked the car behind me. It was 11pm my favourite time to hit the gym for the past few weeks. There was always this hot black girl working out this time of night. She had incredible tits that she loved to squeeze into tiny sports bras. Her yoga pants didn't leave much to the imagination either, especially during her squats. I don't mean to be the old man pervert, but I think she checks me out as much as I do her.

I swiped my pass and nodded to the bored looking receptionist at the desk. He barely noticed me, and soon had his eyes trained to his phone again. The gym was relatively quiet except for the few clangs of weights being put back into place, and a very annoying dance mix on the speakers.

I walked down the stairs leading into the exercise area and change rooms. My cock tingled with arousal and threatened to grow hard. She was early tonight, doing a quick jog on the treadmill to warm up.  Her huge breasts bounced and struggled to stay in the tiny pink bra she wore. 

I nodded politely and she gave me a small smile. I hurried into the men's change room and pulled on a black jogging pants and t-shirt. I replayed her bouncing tits in my mind as I shoved my feet into my sneakers. Later tonight I would go home and help myself thinking about her curvy little body and all the filthy things I would do to her. 

Once I got back to the gym floor, she was doing squats. I set myself up on a treadmill that was directly behind her. She lowered herself and stuck her ass out slowly, then held the position for a few seconds. The black tights she wore clung to her body like a second skin. She wore no panties, she never did.

I worked out but kept my eyes on her every opportunity I got. I imagined her bent over as I ploughed her from behind. I would smack her ass, as it jiggled. Then I would have her polish my dick with her pretty little mouth. Then bust all over those big breasts. I got hard and horny, my workout would have to wait. 

I hurried back into the men's change room. I was the only person in there, I undressed and headed for the showers. I had to rub one out before I headed home. 

I didn't know she had entered the men's change room until she pulled back the grey shower curtain. I would have been embarrassed at being caught pleasuring myself in a public shower, but all she wore was a smile.

"Looks like you could use some help." She stepped in beside me and pushed my back against the cool tile walls. The hot water massaged our naked bodies as she pressed her soft lips to mine. The kiss was passionate and intense, I could feel my knees weaken. She rubbed her thighs against my hard cock teasingly.

"How many times have you thought about fucking me?" A coy smile played across her pretty face.

"About a million times," I struggled to keep my voice steady.  Her thigh felt so good rubbing up and down my cock.

" I noticed you staring at me all the time, am I the reason you come to the gym so late?" She bit my ear playfully. That was a particular turn on, I struggled not to bust before I could fuck her properly.

All I could do was nod. 

"I know you love looking at my ass." She turned around and rubbed her perky butt against my erection. It was just the right amount of firm and soft.

" Yes," I sighed and gripped her hips. 

" So what are you waiting for? Fuck me." She whispered.

I used my hands to spread her lower lips apart and stuck a finger into her tight hole. She was warm and wet, I massaged her insides with my finger. She moaned softly and played with her breasts. 

My dick was throbbing, I slapped it against her ass a few times before sliding into her. I fucked her hard and fast, our bodies making a clapping sound with each thrust. I could barely believe she was letting me fuck her. I grabbed her boobs as she used the wall in front of her for support.

Her pussy was tight and warm, with each thrust she seem to get more wet. I reluctantly pulled my cock out and turned her around to face me. 

"I want you to suck it for a bit," I pushed her to her knees.

She complied and started with the balls. She licked and sucked them, while glancing up at me seductively. Her tongue moved from my balls, then to my shaft. She kissed the tip of my cock and winked at me playfully, before she began a sloppy blow job. The sensation of the hot water and her mouth on my cock was pure ecstasy. 

I grabbed the back of her head and forced my cock to the back of her throat repeatedly. Her fingers massaged my balls as she brought me close to an orgasm. I couldn't hold back any more.

"I'm gonna cum," I barely got the words out.

"Yeah, I want you to cum on my face," she purred sexily.

I had to give the woman what she wanted. I jerked myself off as she licked the tip of my cock. I blasted my cum all over her cute face and big tits. It had been a while since I came like that, my knees were weak. I leaned against the shower wall for support.

"So is round 2 at your place or mine?" She asked.

At the gym 

At the Gym 

​Jessica steele