Mark drives carefully keeping below the speed limit. A thick fog blankets the town, making it hard for him to see. His headlights  were of little help. The trees that lined either side of the road, seemed like grotesque creatures reaching for him with bony twisted fingers.

The GPS was still rerouting, and his phone was dead. Praying silently the this road would lead him back to the highway, or at least to some semblance of civilization, Mark continued on. No other cars were around, it was just him and the static of the radio. Frustrated he turns the radio off, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel impatiently.

Mark eases his foot off the gas, slowing down even more. A woman was walking along the side of the road up ahead. She was the only thing the fog didn't touch. She wore a white t-shirt and jean shorts, the kind that exposed the bottom half of her ample butt. Her legs were shapely and mesmerizing, he couldn't take his eyes off her smooth chocolate skin. His dick now alert, pressed hard against his jeans.

"Stop being a fucking pervert," he growled down at his lap.

The woman turned towards him, she must have saw his lights. She wore no bra under the shirt, her large nipples prints through the thin fabric. Even from a few feet away he could tell they were a dark chocolate. Mark imagines running his tongue over her nipples, while squeezing her breasts together.  

That thought was enough, his dick was on high alert. A hot girl, half naked on the side of the road, he knew it was weird. He was certain a few horror movies began like this. However when she sticks her thumb out with a sweet smile, he rolls to a stop.

"Hi, can I get a ride?" she licked her heart shaped lips and leaned against the passenger door. 

It was the perfect view of her breasts, all natural and bouncy. Mark hoped she didn't see his erection.

"What are you doing out here all alone?" Mark asked, ready to let her into his car.

He thought she was cute, she had a short curly bob with blue highlights. Her sparkly brown eyes had a hint of mischief  in them.

"My piece of junk car broke down on me a few miles back, and my phone is dead," she shows him an I-phone with a silver case.

"How far you going?" Mark reaches over and opens the passenger side door.

She slides on to the black leather seat, grateful. The already too short jeans slid up her thick thighs. 

"Thanks. What are you doing out this way, you lost?" She turns her brown eyes on him.

Mark, feeling dizzy, stammers out, "Yeah I'm trying to get back on the highway."

"Oh that's a 5 minute drive from my house. I'm Jessica, by the way," she reclines her seat. Her breasts jiggle with the sudden movement.

"I'm Mark," he swallows hard before answering. He hopes that he could keep his eyes focused on the road, and not on her hot little body.

"Where you heading Mark?" She studies him carefully.

"Uh, my sister in-law's house warming." Matt stole a quick glance at Jessica, she had to be  at least a D-cup.

"You're married, that's too bad," she pouts.

Mark laughs embarrassingly, "what would you want with an old guy like me?"

"I have a thing for older men," Jessica smirks and touches his arm lightly.

Mark looks at her, her gaze was hungry and intense.

"You know what I want to do to you?" She whispers playfully.

Mark felt like his mouth was glued shut, he could barely respond. He knew, he should just drive her home and nothing else. Hell, he probably shouldn't have stopped to pick her up, but what kind of man would he be, if he had just left her on the side of the road? It had been only his wife for so long, and it had gotten mechanical. The thought of a hot young woman with soft curves, was just too hard to resist.

"What do you want to do to me?" Mark finally responded.

"First, I want to unzip your jeans and massage that big, hard cock with my hands. Then I want to press it to my lips, and kiss along the head, before I place you into my mouth. Would you like that?" Jessica asks while touching her self, she squeezes her nipples between her fingers.

"Fuck yeah," Mark responded enthusiastically. 

Jessica reaches over and does just what she promised. Her soft lips kissing the tip of his manhood gently. She took him into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down, as she sucked him.

Mark's car swerved left, then right, before he decides it best to pull over. He moaned loudly. His fact, no other woman had sucked his dick like this before. Jessica had a swirling tongue technique. She swirled her tongue around the head, and then down the shaft, and up again, never losing suction. His toes curled in pure ecstasy, enjoying the feel of her warm and wet mouth.

She looks up at him, and then swallows his entire cock. The tip at the back of her throat. The sensation is maddening, a fire coursing through his veins. Mark grabs her head and thrusts into her mouth repeatedly. She gags, and saliva escapes the sides of her mouth. 

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum," Mark's eyes roll in pleasure. 

Jessica stops, looks at him with lust. "You can't cum yet, I want that big hard cock inside of me."

He fights hard against his approaching orgasm, while she produces a condom out her back pocket. He was too horny to ask why she was walking around with condoms. Instead he reclines his seat anticipating her warmth.

She slides out of her shorts, she wasn't wearing panties.  She climbs over the gearshift and slowly lowers herself on to his cock.  

Mark lets out a soft sigh, as he feels the tightness of her wet pussy. He lifts her shirt exposing her soft breasts, he kisses and sucks on her nipples. His hands on her ass as she bounces up and down on his cock. Even with the condom on, he could feel how wet she was. His cock throbbed wildly, and he could feel the cum rushing its way up his shaft.

Jessica kisses him long and hard. Her pillow soft lips crushed against his. Mark's entire body shivers with immense satisfaction as he cums. He wants to catch his breath, but Jessica won't break the kiss. He was beginning to feel light headed and weak, as if the kiss was sucking the life out of him.

Mark tries to push her away feebly. He opens his eyes, and goes ice cold with terror. Her beautiful brown eyes, were now a glowing red. His strength was waning, and even though she was a small woman, he couldn't break free. He struggles to remain conscious, to stay alive, but soon she would suck away his last breath.

Horror Erotica