​​Sexy Latina

The  Latin music blasted through the small club, colourful strobe lights casting strange shadows over the drunken crowd. That’s when I saw her, a pretty Latina with a slender build and large breasts.  She had big dark eyes and full heart shaped lips. Her long dark hair fell over her shoulders in loose curls. The tight white dress she wore in beautiful contrast to her dark skin. 

She moved through the crowd with confidence and ended up on the dancefloor, followed by her boyfriend. She began to move her small waist in fast circles to the beat.

I elbowed my way past a large group of guys, I wanted to dance as close to her as I could. Well, I wanted more than that, but she needed to notice me first. Once I got to the dancefloor I began to sway my hips to the rhythmic beat and eyed her seductively. Her pretty dark eyes met mine, her full red lips parted into a smile. In a bold move, she grabbed my waist and pulled me close to her body. I was close enough to smell the hint of vanilla on her skin. My hands were on her hips as we gyrated to the DJ’s up tempo mix.

I couldn’t stop staring at her plump breasts, which tried to squeeze their way out of her low cut dress. She caught me looking, smirked, and ran her hands down to my butt with a playful squeeze. I pressed my full lips to hers, our kiss slow and soft at first, and then she grabbed the back of my head. The kiss became fevered and passionate, as I bit her bottom lip playfully, our tongues wrestled for domination. The group of guys closest to the dancefloor whistled as we danced provocatively and made out with each other.

She kissed my neck, as my hands found their way to her ample breasts. I could feel myself getting aroused by this beautiful stranger. Then she whispered into my ear, “Do you wanna leave with me and my boyfriend?”

I had almost forgotten about the guy she came with, who looked at us with amused and hopeful eyes.  He was cute with messy blond hair and deep set blue eyes. I nodded yes and all three of us left the club hand in hand. The tropical breeze felt refreshingly cool against my skin, the starless sky illuminated by a full moon.

The sexy Latina, pushed her boyfriend up against the wall outside the club, and kissed him hard. His hands disappeared under her skin tight white dress. I watched them intensely, my nipples erect, my inner thighs moist.

They broke apart and he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into him. I could feel the muscles of his chest and abdomen through his thin t-shirt. He pressed his lips to mine, I could taste the tequila on his tongue. We took turns kissing each other, our hands cupped and squeezed intimate body parts.

The driver of the scheduled bus, which looked more like a large golf cart, cleared his throat in interruption. We laughed drunkenly and hopped into the waiting vehicle taking us back to the main lobby of the resort.  I sat on his lap and grinded against his erection, while the pretty Latina whose name I had yet to learn sat across from us. She parted her legs and fingered her pussy which had a landing strip.  I bent forward, licked my fingers and began to help, her juices warm and wet against my fingers.
Within minutes we were dropped off at the main lobby which was well lit. Other vacationers gaped at us, but the alcohol had diminished my ability to feel ashamed. Instead I was rather turned on by all the attention.

“It’s so hot, let’s go to the pool,” she smiled at us. Her dark eyes lit up with a hint of mischief behind them. We immediately followed her down the paved path, lined with yellow and red plants, which was the quickest way to the pool.

“You know what? You two go on ahead, I want more tequila,” her boyfriend jogged back towards the main lobby.

She told me her name was Catalina as we arrived to the empty pool.  The light of more than a hundred tiny white bulbs glistened off the water’s surface. I wondered if the resort staff checked the pool at night, and hoped no security cameras were around. 

I kissed Catalina long and hard before I changed my mind. She unzipped her dress and it fell to her feet. I unhooked her black lace bra and ran my tongue down her neck, and over her perky D-cups. Her dark nipples were large and hard with the attention I gave to each breast. 

She untied my long flowing halter dress and revealed I was naked underneath it. We embraced each other, her skin soft and smooth. Her curves tight and toned.  We left our clothes on a beach bed and jumped into the pool. The sudden coolness of the water a shock to my system. 

Though that was soon forgotten as Catalina placed my breast into her mouth. She sucked gently which sent shivers throughout my body. My hand slid between her legs and I rubbed her clit in slow circles.

A huge splash broke us apart as Catalina’s boyfriend joined in. He hoisted her into the air, her legs wrapped around his neck and her pussy directly in his face. She moaned loudly as he ran his tongue vigorously between her legs.

I ducked beneath the water and took his huge thick cock into my mouth. It was tricky under water, but I did my best, and sucked hard and fast. His dick pulsated and grew even bigger in my mouth. My tongue swirled around the tip of his swollen member in quick circles, as my hand massaged his clean shaven balls.

I got up for air and switched places with Catalina who was flushed from an orgasm. Her boyfriend lifted me with ease and I wrapped my legs securely around his neck. He kissed and licked my upper thighs in a teasing fashion. I ached for him to please me, and grew more wet with the seconds that passed by. Finally his tongue flicked at my clit expertly, and I sighed with intense pleasure. He sucked and licked between my thighs. My toes curled and I gasped with the approach of an orgasm. He kept me in his grip as I arched my back and moaned loudly.

All three of us climbed out of the pool and made our way to a beach bed. Catalina and I shared his cock, while we were on our knees. I licked the length of his dick and used my spit to jerk him off. Catalina licked and massaged his balls. He shoved his dick to the back of my throat and face fucked me until I gagged. He slapped his dick on Catalina’s face, and then on mine.  I could tell he was getting close. His blue eyes rolled back as he ejaculated all over Catalina’s face and mine. His warm cum dripped down onto our breasts. He collapsed back onto the beach bed and regained his energy for round 2.

                                                                                                   Jessica Steele