​Sexy Vixen

She had swore she'd never come back but here she was standing in my living room her long black hair flowing over her naked shoulders. I could feel the heat rushing to my manhood as my eyes traveled over her curvaceous body. She wore a skin tight strapless red dress which showed her perky nipples printing through the dress. My penthouse condo was a little on the chilly side but I refused to turn on the heat. Why ruin the show I thought to myself.

She sat beside me on the couch and placed her head against my chest, her eyes closed. I had a good view of her beautiful cleavage. Her ample breasts seemed bigger than I remembered. I just wanted to put one in my mouth and taste the sweetness of her chocolate skin. She sighed and curled her legs on to the couch. This allowed her already short dress to slide an inch up her toned legs. My heart was beating and I tried to focus on math equations to keep my cock from standing erect.

She opened her big brown eyes and smiled at me. There was something hidden behind that beautiful smile. It was a smile that would make any man a fool at her beck and call. I had been there before and it hurt like hell. My brain screamed at me to ask her to leave. However my body remembered the softness of her skin, the tightness of her wet pussy and how wild she'd get in bed. My cock was standing at attention. She rubbed her hands on my thigh commenting I seemed tense. Her hands travelled to my cock, and she gripped it firmly with a soft laugh. "Nice to see I still have this effect on you," she muttered. "Take your pants off!" She demanded. I obeyed immediately. Her hand began to rub up and down the length of my member. She placed her heart shaped lips on mine softly, and then her kiss became hungry as she stroked my cock harder and faster.My toes curled in ecstasy, and my fingers found the zipper on her dress. She paused and looked at me with a devilish smirk. She knew she had me right where she wanted me. I would oblige to whatever she needed. The woman was the devil, but I would happily let her drag me to hell to indulge in this sweet sin forever. Jessica liked to be in control when it came to sex and I would let her. I fought the urge to rip off her dress and throw her to the floor. Then just thrust deep into her feeling the walls of her pussy squeezing my cock. I wanted to massage her boobs from behind as her round bottom was pressed against my cock doggy style.

Jessica’s wet tongue began to travel down the middle of my chest slowly and playfully. Her hand never left my cock stroking it vigorously as her tongue made it to my belly button. She stuck her tongue in and out of my belly button for a few seconds. I was about to burst with excitement the anticipation was killing me. I knew where her mouth would end up eventually, but the teasing was driving me mad. Her tongue rested on my pubic bone, and she moaned as she placed my cock into her mouth. I groaned loudly my hands clenching the couch cushions. She sucked hard and fast her tongue and lips sending shivers from my cock to the rest of my body. She began to deep throat stuffing my cock all the way to the back of her throat. I began to thrust into her mouth and she mourned sweetly. Just as I was about to cum she pulled away. Fuck! I thought, just like her to mess with me. She ran her tongue from my balls to the tip of my cock. What I felt next was like pure ecstasy. Jessica began to twirl her tongue around the head of my cock in slow circles. I threw my head against the couch groaning with my eyes rolled back. Around and around her tongue went picking up speed then slowing down.

She opened her mouth wider and..

​                                                                                           Jessica Steele