The Professor

I stared at him as my crotch grew wet. I couldn't explain it the man was more than half my age. It's possible I was attracted to his intelligence. Whatever the case I wanted to push him onto his desk, and fuck his brains out right here in the lecture hall.

His eyes met mine briefly and I licked my lips with a sly smile. He looked away blushing, stammering the last words of his lecture. He knew I wanted him and I wouldn't rest until he had me bent over fucking me hard from behind.

My classmates began to shuffle out, I lingered behind. I had wore this tight little skirt for a reason. It showed off my toned legs and tight ass. The guys in my class had their mouths and eyes wide open when I entered the lecture hall perfectly late. I had smiled sweetly and apologized. Daniels.

"Class is over Jessica" Professor Daniels sat on the edge of his desk. He fiddled with a marker, not daring to make eye contact.

I got up slowly and stretched pushing my busty chest out. I was sure my nipples were hard enough for him to see through my shirt. I walked over to him with a playful smile. "I have a few questions."

"My office hours are on Fridays 9am to 3pm." Professor Daniels mumbled. "It won't take long," I licked my full lips while placing a hand lightly on his thigh.

I was sure he was married but that didn't stop my fantasy of him licking my pussy until I squealed. I played out my sex ual fantasy over and over in my mind. He looked intrigued and flattered. "I have to go Jessica," Professor Daniels began to get up. I blocked him with my body. Pushing him back onto his desk, I kissed him hard. I paused, I wasn't sure if he would push me away.

He kissed me back, and that was all I needed. I squeezed his crotch, his dick was hard and ready. I climbed onto him, rubbing my crotch against his member. His hands groped my ass. "Spank me" I whispered. "I'm a bad student who is never on time." "Punish me, make me behave!" Professor Daniels obeyed lifting my skirt and smacking my ass repeatedly. I chewed playfully on his lips as my hands undid his pants.

"We can't do it in here," Professor Daniels gasped for breath. I jumped off him and locked the door. My red stilettos clicking against the floor as I made my way back to him. I went to my knees grabbing his erect penis and began to suck hard. I let my spit wet his dick as I shoved it deeper down my throat. "Oh fuck!" He groaned. I liked his reaction it fuelled me. I sucked harder and faster while my free hand caressed his balls.

He pulled me up from the floor and kissed me hard. I wrapped my arms and legs around him. He pulled my sweater off and un clasped my bra. "Those are some fucking pretty tits, look at how big they are!" He placed a nipple into his mouth and began to suck. I sighed with pleasure. My toes curled, my crotch wet with anticipation.

He sucked gentle but firm while he squeezed my other tit. He squeezed them together licking both nipples simultaneously. I playfully pushed them into his face.

Before I knew what had happened I was on my back legs apart on the desk. Papers flew everywhere. Professor Daniels kissed from my belly button down to my crotch. My heart picked up speed. I had fantasised about this moment. I couldn't wait any longer I grabbed his head and shoved it between my legs.

He licked and sucked on my cl it. Pushing his tongue in and out of my vagina. My legs felt weak with absolute pleasure and I began to mourn. He pulled his head up signalling me to keep it down. "I'm sorry," I breathed softly. He began to lick in circles and my pussy responded by dripping juices on to his face. I covered my mouth stifling my screams of pleasure.

He climbed onto the desk rubbing his dick against my vagina. It was his turn to tease me as I had teased him all semester long. "You drove me fucking crazy with those tight dresses and low cut tops," Professor Daniels continued to rub against me. "I have condoms, let me grab them." I tried to get up, but he wouldn't let me. "I bet you wanted me to fuck you silly from day 1." Professor Daniels grabbed a boob and stuffed it into his mouth. I murmured yes. I did want him to fuck me, why was he torturing me like this!

Professor Daniels stuck two fingers up my vagina. "You're so fucking tight!" I groaned my eyes closed waiting for his penis to enter me. "Please" I began to beg. Professor Daniels smirked. He handed me my backpack and I grabbed the condoms.

​                                                                                     Jessica Steele