The Ride
By "Keane Reader" - Winner of Jessica's Erotic Story Contest.

I was on the train I rode every morning to the city. Two hours in and two hours out - it was a part of my routine.

Today was no different from any other day - that is, until a young woman sat down on the seat opposite me. We were essentially alone, together. I sneaked a glance while her eyes were lowered. She was a busty, curvy girl and was wearing a blazer, a white cotton blouse and a kilt, a uniform worn in Catholic schools.

The next time I sneaked a peek, I noticed that her left hand had slid up slightly, under the hem of her kilt. She moved her fingers under. I watched, my eyelids lowered, my head angled as though I were dozing. As I continued my voyeurism, she closed her eyes and sighed softly. Her fingers continued climbing and the slit on her kilt opened. I expected to see a flash of her panties, but I did not. What I saw was even better. My cock, stirring all this while at the innocent erotic movements of this girl, jumped as I realized that she wore no panties. Her pretty pussy, covered with sparse hair, was exposed, her fingernails stroking the labia as she fantasized - about what, I'd have loved to know.

I gave up the pretenses and began to watch openly while adjusting my erection in my trousers. Just then, her eyes (a beautiful blue) opened and she looked right at me. She blushed a bright red as I smiled and nodded, mouthing the words, "show me" to encourage her.

Her eyes widened as she read my lips and she slowly nodded. Glancing around, she opened her legs, exposing her beautiful pussy to me. She leaned back and continued to stroke between her lips, bringing one exquisitely long nail up to flick at her clit. My brain was numb and my cock was throbbing. As she plunged her finger into her slit, droplets of nectar formed along the opening. I watched, frozen, as she slipped further, finally sliding her middle finger all the way into her pussy. I could barely register the nearly inaudible little moan that escaped from her. I silently joined her with my mouth agape. I thought I would surely explode, as she continued to dig into her pussy. Her other hand was at her blouse, stroking her breast through the thin cotton. She gazed at me. licked her lips lightly, and then bit her bottom lip. Judging by the look in her eyes and the following gasp and spasm, I knew that she was cumming.

She plateaued after her orgasm and looked slyly at me with a wicked smile on her face. She brought up her finger, slipped it into her mouth and licked it clean. With her tongue flickering out, she rose, moving into the seat next to me. She lifted my hands from my conspicuously stiff lap and delicately unzipped me. As she took my cock from my trousers, she brought her lips to my ear and whispered, "your turn."​

                                                                                                                      Keane Reader